MIVAS at Venous Institute is proud to offer Dysport (Botulinum Toxin A). Dysport is an FDA-approved neuromodulator injection designed to temporarily inhibit muscle contractions to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and drooping.

Glabellar “11’s”, Forehead, Crows, Brow lift, Lower eye (concealer area)/tear trough, Bunny lines/wolf lines on nose, Gummy smile, Lip flip, Lip lines, Mouth frown, Chin, Masseter muscle, Neck Bands, Micro dysport for neck, face, and eyes & Rosecea and sweating forehead/nose.

Seen within 2-3 weeks after initial treatment, lasting 3-4 months.

Typically, every 3-4 months once you begin to notice muscle movement.

Sit upright for the first 4 hours. Avoid vigorous activity. Refrain from touching your face or makeup application day of treatment.

Include but not limited to bruising, minimal bleeding, infection, rare risk of lid drooping, or heavy brow (all temporary).